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EASY: Interface Between The Virtual Environment Moodle Learning and People with Visual Impairments


With the increasing presence of computer resources in today's society, information technology knowledge has become more and more important for each individual. Thereafter, technology is conceived as an important element for social inclusion. It is in this context that this paper has three objectives. The first objective is to develop technology coherent to the concept of universal picture, enabling the interaction of those who have visual deficiencies with virtual learning environments. The second objective is to enable the development of new options for professional education, through long-distance participation courses. Finally, the last objective is to create new communication channels, contributing for social integration and independence of those without easy access to professional schooling. To achieve the previously mentioned results, exploratory and observatory techniques of individuals interacting with the EASY tool were used in the definition of the process for development of the research. Among these techniques, one worth mentioning was the development of software based on accessibility standards whose main characteristic is to provide easy access to information on AVAs. In this context, the researcher André Rezende, Msc developed a tool caled EASY, which is a interface for the environment of education Moodle. This tool is the result of project named "EASY: Mediating New Forms of Learning of the Deficient Appearance".


The interface (pages) of the existing virtual learning enviroments do not respect the international accessibility guideline WCAG. This fact limits the access of people with visual deficiency to this kind of tool even with the use of a special software component, like Jaws, that captures the information displayed in the video and transforms it in audio. EASY is a layer placed between Moodle and the screen reader that creates a new capacitation option for the visual deficient.

How EASY works?

The EASY objective is to extract the contents of the training course stored in the Moodle database and format it in a way that the screen reader can work efficiently. To do it, EASY follows the WCAG accessibility guideline. This standard defines a format thats makes possible for the screen reader to transform the information in audio. The next figure is an example of software EASY working.

Show software EASY to extract the information

The components software EASY:

The software EASY depends on several components working together. These components include: :

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André Rezende